About us

The company FARKAS TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. was established in April 2012 and builds on many years of experience in sugar. Therefore, the company acts as a consultant of sugar technology for beet and cane sugar refineries in the Czech Republic and in the world (Lebanon, Iran, India, Venezuela, Qatar).

We also deal with technological calculations of evaporation stations and  production of sugar equipment:

- Pre-limer

- Limer

- I. carbonation

- II. carbonation

- Decanter

- Pre-heater

- Melting pan

- Barometric condensation

- Affination pan

-  Vacuum pan with stirrer

- Horizontal crystallizer

- Vertical crystallizer

- Sugar dryer

- Pulp dryer

- Sulphur furnace

- Pulp presses



Tovární 1333/9
769 01 Holešov CZ
Česká republika

mobil:+ 420 602 302 188