After he finished the study at Brno University of Technology in 1987 (branch - Technology of sugar), he began working in the beet sugar factories in Czech Republic as process engineer, technical director and director. Since 2003, he is owner of the company, who works for sugar factories in tha Czech Republic and in the world.


YEAR 2009

· IRAN - Start-up a new cane sugar factory for CANE IRAN Co;

Capacity 10 000 tons of cane / day


YEAR 2010

· LEBANON  - Start of cooperation with refinery Chekka, technical consultation on increasing capacity of 150 tons of raw sugar/day. Installation of automatic system of sugar production. Expected completion - 2013. For CHEKKA SUGAR REFINERY Co..


YEAR 2011

IRAN - Start-up a new sugar refinery Farabi.

Capacity 700 tons of raw sugar/day for SUGAR CANE IRAN Co


YEAR 2012

IRAN - Start-up a new refinery Dehkhoda.

Capacity 700 tons of raw sugar/day for SUGAR CANE IRAN Co.


Star of cooperation with company INVELT, Czech Republic - reduction of beet pulp moisture after diffusor.


INDIA - Start of cooperation with company  Rana Sugars Limited;

Technical consultation in the construction of sugar factory.

Capacity 4000 tons of beet/day, from documentation through construction to commissioning.


YEAR 2013

LEBANON - Reduction of fuel consumption, technical assistance in starting off beet sugar factory in the Bekaa Valley.
Capacity 3000 tons beet/day.
Recalculation of evaporation station and sugar - improving the quality of white sugar.
INDIA - Start up the second sugar beet factory in India for Rana Sugars Ltd.
Capacity 4000 tons of beet/day.
Production of crystal sugar, colour 30-40 IC. Sugar beet factory works without limekiln.


YEAR 2014

LEBANON - Opening of negotiations with parties interested in the sale of sugar equipment in the refinery in the Bekaa Vally.

LEBANON - Increase the capacity of the refinery of 600 tons/day to 1000 tons/day.

INDIA - Technical assistance in the production of sugar made from sugar beet.

YEAR 2015

LEBANON - Calculation of increasing evaporator station and vacuum pan station.

INDIE - Technical helping during beet campaign with capacity 5.000 T of beet per day.

INDIE - Calculation of capacity beet pulp dryer and start dismantling dryer second hand in Poland.

AZORES ISLAND - Technical helping during beet campaign.

YEAR 2016

LEBANON - Delivery 2 pieces of vacuum pan second hand capacity 50 T of massecuite.

INDIA - Start up of beet pulp dryer capacity 2.500 T beet per day.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Start of collaboration during process of special sugars with ED&F Man Ingredients s.r.o.

AZORES ISLAND - Study of increasing existing beet sugar factory and cane sugar refinery.

YEAR 2017

CZECH REPUBLIC - Finish the build sugar refinery including packing lines (25kg, 50kg and BIG BAG) with ED&F Man Ingredients s.r.o.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Start up of sugar refinery for special sugar production with ED&F Man Ingredients s.r.o.

AZORES ISLAND - Technical helping during beet campaign.




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